It is His initiative…

Revival and Reformation.This has been the theme of Adventism all throughout the world.But though I often read and hear about it, I am still wondering to what purpose thus this theme wanted to signify.I know God purposely allow it to happen that these two words would be a timely message to the people of God.

By impulse, I volunteered to be a Sabbath School teacher last January.Our former youth elder handed the lesson to me for the two quarters for free .So I did my part responsibly only in the beginning weeks of the first quarter.But then I get tired to wake up early always on the Sabbath for the teacher’s meeting (an assembly for teachers before the Sabbath School).It is really tiresome ,not because of waking up early but because I need to wake up early to study and summarize the whole lesson of the whole week.In short, cramming.Supposedly God has given me six days to study one day at a time the six lessons for the week.But I did not have enough time in a day for me to study the Sabbath School Lesson.At the end, the Sabbath which should be a refreshing day for the people of God, it becomes a burden to me.So I left out to be the Sabbath School Teacher for the remaining quarters.

But then suddenly, this quarter sparks my interest.Revival and Reformation is the title of the lesson for the entire third quarter.This  is great because many of the church members will understand more what is true revival and reformation all about.I am happy it will be the time for us to find answers of those  questions about this matter which often beset us. What is revival and reformation,and what is not?

Hence, I can say it is really timely, I become dormant nowadays.I need to be reignited.I need to be revived and reformed.I am tired to be SDA(sitting down always) during church services.I miss to be part of the services in church.

Again, God according to His long-suffering chooses me  to be a Sabbath School teacher this last two quarters.I know my weaknesses but I trust Him that He can do it for me.I know He has something to reveal in me that I need to understand.Now I am excited to know about it.

Revival and Reformation: two words that are mirror two each other but are not superimposable(I speak as a chemistry student).They may sounds the same but they function differently.One cannot be fully experience without the other.They need to work together. Revival is giving life to the weakened spiritual life and reformation is changing the past habits and thoughts. But the purpose of revival is all  about a God of lovingkindness seeking to deepen His relationship with us.The initiative in revival is His. God wants us to change our ways, to reform us. And it is only through the ministration of the Holy Spirit if we respond to His appeal that we can fully experience this revival and reformation.When we respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to know Jesus more intimately and consent to have Him fill our hearts with His love,He will break down every barrier that hinders this relationship, drawing us into an intimate relationship with Him in ways that we may not imagine are even possible.

The purpose of Revival and Reformation is to deepen our relationship with God. He is inviting us to be in relationship with Him. Jesus says “Behold I stand at the door and knock.If anyone hears my voice and opens the door,I will come in to him, and sup with him and he  with Me.”

I know that you are excited to experience this revival and reformation. So do I. May we find strength in this hope.Amen.


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