Mid-Weak Prayer[Pun intended]


God wants to deepen His relationship with men.He sees that the only way in which man fully realize the worth of His existence is through an intimate relationship with  Him. The longings of man’s heart drive him to seek out for things that would satisfy him.There are questions of his being that he could not ultimately find an absolute answer.He is longing for someone or something that could help him to find himself who he is and where should he be.And who will help him to find the answers?If God would not interposed,then man would be left out in total emptiness.
God sees the danger if the longings of man’s heart would be perverted.The purpose why God put desires in our heart is to draw us nearer to Him who is our fountain of living water.Apart from Him there is no true satisfaction. If these longings cannot be remedied properly, man’s deceitful heart will draw him to the world to find answers.Man will seek for wealth, honor or fame.Some who are facing with different insecurities will engage to spiritualism to find answers.Then the heart will be filled with  wrong substance. The result would then be as unsatisfied than before.
God’s Spirit is working in into our hearts. When we see our deficiency, it is the time when God opens our eyes that we may see who we really are. It is God who initiates this workings in us that it may through Him we can come unto Him just as we are,sinful. Man, by himself, cannot draw himself to God unless there are forces or power outside of him that will lead him unto God. If man acknowledges his nothingness then God who is abundant of mercy and goodness will fill the deficiency of his being.God can mightily work through him if man, by his will, respond to the appeal of the Holy Spirit in his heart.
Then where  can we place prayer in this phenomenon?Simply, when man acknowledges his nothingness( positive), he will then be attracted to God who is abundant in mercy(negative).The attraction between God and man that draws man to God is called prayer.By prayer, God is bonded to man and through prayer, God will supply the deficiency of man. And in this bonding, man has an intimate relationship with God.
The power rest outside of man. Man has no innate power or can generate power. Only through prayer can man experience  power from on high.So men are dependent to God. Without God there will be no power, and if without power, there will be no victory and success.In the Scripture, mountains of impossibilities were made plain because of men who prayed.Truly, men of prayer are men of power.
The question now is how can we reignite the dormant amber of our spirituality? As Ellen White says,” A revival need  be expected only in answer to prayer”.
We know that in our inmost soul we are longing to find an answer of how can we be saved ?It is only through an earnest prayer that we can find hope above the clouds of uncertainty.Prayer is the only way that we can be  in contact with the Infinite One. As we reach Him by faith,the questions that often beset us are made plain in the presence of Him who is wisdom and strength.When we find Him as we seek Him in earnest prayer, we can truly testify that He is truth and His Words are true. For we find in ourselves the reality of His Word as we find satisfaction in Him whose Words are truly manifested into our lives.This is God’s purpose of reviving us that we may know Him truly.

May our Mid-weak  prayer life be reignited.Have time with Jesus, get connected to Him , that we may say as Alfred Tennyson said,” More things are wrought by prayer than this world dream of.”


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