Here We Go Again.

               “There is none that seeketh God”. While I came across reading on these words, I realize that every human being is very weak.Sometimes I always thought on people who have remarkable characters that during great crises in their life they may be able to overcome all those negating circumstances as if they have strength on their own.While looking to myself, I have seen a weak, coward, unbelieving Christian who only has a mouth religion.In self-pitying, why I am not as they are, faithful and courageous?I realize that the reason why I always face this discouragement is because I try to compare myself with other people. I found myself turning out from looking to the perfect example of all excellencies, Jesus Christ. It is only through looking unto Jesus that we may have hope in our life. As we see our deficiencies clearly comparing to Christ, we have hope  because the same person ,Jesus, our Saviour from our sin.Now, I found out the secret of those people whom I covetously to become like, it is only fixing their eyes unto Jesus that they overcome those trials in life. As I thought before that there are people who are born to be intensely spiritual or God predestined people to be overcomers, I was sincerely wrong. “There is none that seeketh God” ,no one loves to seek God.
                  Now as we are in the summit of this gospel work, now I am persuaded that the successes of those past camp meetings are not because of the people, but because of those people who eagerly and sincerely seek God always.

                   Bible Camp is near. Here we go again.


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