Camp aftermath.

Bible study, prayer and work. These were the three things which I really emphasized last week. Knowing that the Bible Camp is near, I should spend time with these things for the fear that I will found myself hypocrite in the camp.As the days draw nearer and nearer , I found myself wanting for something. I need God’s presence.I need push and courage.Everything to me needs to be revived.I prayed but I cannot see and feel the thing that I expected for. Many things bothered me, should we pursue the camp? The prayer, the seeking for God for counsels were not as though it was any other day. I think I was forced to come to God because of the camp. My past weeks’ devotionals were not strong. I read my Bible. I pray everyday. But the seeking was not that strong. I was really troubled with my feeling. My experiences with past bible camps were tremendously exciting. Every Bible study and prayer were powerful as if you are facing God face to face.O Lord help me with this kind of feeling! If faith is of feeling, and everything were weighed by feeling, then my warfare for the camp is a failure.But I praise God that our heart is deceitful and wicked above all things. If I measure the camp’s success with my feelings then what blessings I could thank for.
So many things I learned in the camp. I found myself immature for the Lord’s work.Though the Lord does not forbid us to be excited but excitement is not a measure of God’s presence, as if it was a moving of the Holy Spirit. God’s working is indepedent of our feelings. I learned also to bear with other’s weaknesses. To work with people with disagreeable personalities is a blessing. I learned of Jesus’ longsuffering with the erring disciples.I also learned to stand as a leader. Though I may see the lapses of my past leadership but I see the need of leaders. My ate’s and kuya’s were already graduated, and I see the need to fill their places.I see the dangers if the leaders were immature, though there is a time for training but the mistakes commited cannot be corrected.So many things I learned and enjoyed in the camp, though I can see the difference with past generation MAS-AMiCUS but by God’s grace, this generation is not left behind.We just need more experience and training.No matter what happened in the camp, the most important thing is the faithfulness of what God has entrusted upon us. Though the camp did not turned out of what I had perceived, I know God is working still and is independent of my perception and feeling.
I thanked God for this experience. My ideas of camp-meetings were really immature. I need to do the real thing.I need to be mature. I need to be trained. And I need to be true. To be true to the word of God no matter what I perceive and feels.To be absolute and not to be dependent in any circumstances like Bible Camp. I should be true to God in my Bible study, prayer and work as if every day in my life is a Bible Camp. If everything in our life is rooted deeply in the word of God hourly and daily, if every impulses, perception and feelings were controlled by principles, then we are certain that we are leading into the right direction no matter what happens.


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