Bibliocentric Students Ministering to Academia


                                             In most secular campuses, religious fidelity and spiritual constancy has been found less important to Adventist students .The life in secular campus is not, nor should it be, the easiest life. Being bombarded everyday with worldly philosophies and sciences falsely-called, a soul if not watchful will leave out eternal interest and abandon the faith. But to keep the faith uninterrupted in these campuses it must be said that the IQ of a genius is not a prerequisite.

                                             The greatest stumbling block that can be erected in the path of living a vibrant Adventist life in secular campuses is the notion that one must lose many things in order to grow spiritually. Because of an unsanctified ambition, one may fearfully think that to live a bible-based and Christ-centered life on campus his educational attainments will be disturbed. Yes it is true that God requires us to live a self-denying life that such surrender may costs us to deny things which is in conflict to His will but it does not mean that we are always to lose  all things in every point of our spiritual growth. God only requires us to give up those things which seem better if we do not have those things. God wants us to have the best and it will be detrimental for an individual to think that God will remove those things which contribute to the happiness of His creatures. Self-sacrifice should be rightly understood and must be heeded every time when God has a clear instruction or commandments to us. Though it may costs us to lose many things, remember that God offers something better, higher than our highest imagination can reach. That we may at the end obtain a life which we long for (as also God would intend us to have), a life unsaturated with self and sin.

                                             Obedience to God’s commandments and counsels brings life and joy to His created things. God sends messages to His people so that His people would be protected from the snares of Satan. Through obeying God’s commandments and counsels, His children are in safe ground. We are safe from sinning and self-exaltation by obeying His word.

                                             For the fear of losing things rather than to obtain favor of God, many have gone astray. They thought it was the right decisions to do this and that for the reason that God would have His children happy. But at the end of their reckonings, they realized that they are departing from the true happiness. They forget that God is the only source of joy and happiness and true happiness cannot be obtained by compromise and transgression. And because of the unsanctified want of obtaining good grades, many Adventist students were melted by scholastic pressure and because of their unwillingness to suffer for God’s principle they rather choose to be deformed and yield to conformity to the world. God has many ways of which we know nothing. Transgression and compromise is not the only way to obtain a flat one. There are many biblical legitimate ways where we can enjoy and excel in academia. But to have an easy life is not part of God’s curriculum.

                                             God has already set instruction for us to obey that we may obtain the promised blessing. But every commandment should be intellectually obeyed. Through obeying His word, we can have the access of His strength that we may do the things He wanted us to do. God at this present time is calling His children to consecrate and surrender their talents to Him that their ambitions may be sanctified and in complete accord to His eternal purpose. Yes it is true that God needs theologians and medical missionaries but remember God also need scientists, engineers, fashion designer who view their profession as ministry. Scientific minds can easily reach scientific minds, engineers with engineers and etc., and by this the gospel might spread in this industrial age exponentially.

                                             Adventist students who professed to have the truth should not participate on those unbiblical and unchristlike ways of the world. There should be a line of distinction between them and the worldlings. The peculiarity should exist and must be seen in clarity. Secular campuses will make students secular but Adventist students should stand in war of those mediocre and self-saturated mindset. God has many ways that we may pass our subjects and excel, not the ways of the unbelievers but through a bible-based and Christ-centered ways.

                                             If we look on Biblical examples, Daniel and his friends excel in University of Babylon. They excel only through obeying God’s word. They follow God’s instruction in diet and had proved ten times better and wiser than the Chaldean. The superiority of their knowledge is unparalleled not because of their innate capability but because of their God who is the giver of all good gifts. It is God who is the source of wisdom that these men obtained wisdom and became ten times better than the Chaldeans. By obeying God’s commandments and counsels, these men had reached the summit of intellectual greatness. Through them, religious fidelity and spiritual constancy is possible even in universities where God and His laws are in contempt

                                             Faithfulness and constancy will have an impact to others. And the life becomes a glimpse of God’s glory. The knowledge of God becomes affordable to others. He becomes visible and audible through the life of a believing soul. And such life will result to conversion of souls to Jesus. This is possible in secular campuses only to those who are obedient and faithful to His commandments. As what Selected Messages Volume III Chapter 26 last paragraph says “this work [campus ministry] must be done and it will be done by those who are led and taught of God”. There are many ways where we can minister to the needs of others in Academia. By doing our best to help others who are emotionally, socially, spiritually and intellectually deficient, we will understand the objective of education. By drawing our classmates to Jesus we can redeem our education for the glory of God.


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