Something Real

FeelingFreeThis semester is both light and tiring to me. It is light because I have taken 10 units only. It is tiring because there are no pressures for me to study. Most of my subjects are reviews and I usually not bend every effort to study because I consider it as a review( why study again after all). So I spend most of my time on sleeping , eating and thinking what things I should accomplish. Contrary to my past semesters the pressure,aspirations,discouragement and hope really blend. I was stock in my room in this semester looking for something that is worth achieving. In short, I am stagnant. I do not know what to do, what to accomplish. I know that God has something  better for me  and higher that I could ever imagine but the problem is I do not know it.This immobility causes me to dwell on worthless things. I spend most of my time and  money for nothing. Posting on facebook for pretensions and nothing on it aretrue.After these worthless routine, I end up much worst and even more  thirsty as before.I wept and realized my need of intimate  personal relationship with my Savior..I still have my devotionals, I read the Bible every time I wake up and before going to slept, I pray oftentimes, but as I do these things my heart stills seek for an intimacy of my Savior. I just need to talk to God as a personal friend. i just need to read His word as if He is writing to me. Yet amidst of this realization of my own imperfection, I am thankful that my life is not about me and my failures. It is about Jesus who came to this world and died for me that I may live. It is about Him working for me and in me that I may be just exactly as He wanted me to be. I just need to trust Him. Whether this semester may be not too stimulating, God is with me. God will take my condition, accept my worst and transform my life into  more meaningful.Because I know that God is working in me and for me this semester for something real.
This video inspires me a lot please watch it;


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