God restores the leafless old tree

                  I was sitting on the chair at the hallway in our college while staring at the old tree with its leaves falling like of the autumn. I was amazed as the leafless tree has stood mightily under the scorching heat of the sun without signs of murmuring. Even though the tree may seem  lifeless but it was not dead at all. It had just met its season to shed all its leaves. As what King Solomon  said that there is time for everything under the sun. That tree had just experienced its challenging time. But there is hope after all because the time of restoration will surely arrive.
12901001_10206109034470005_70693732714086746_o                   As the time goes by, I had noticed that the small leaves sprouting on the barren branches on that tree. Those tiny leaves had grown slowly into a youthful and brand new leaves. That old leafless tree turned into a living tree. Isn’t wonderful? Just like the old leafless tree, sometimes there are things we cannot understand why strange things happen to us. But, behind this tragedy lies hope and blessings. The falling of all its leaves is just a way of renewing its strength so that it will become a brand new tree. With its new life, the birds again will enjoy to rest under its shade from the sun. The students also will be refreshed by the fresh air it gives.


                    I have learned many things from that tree. There are deeper insights   that I may use to encourage us in many ways. There were instances in our life that it seems we were like that leafless old tree. We may loss our leaves some time but we must remember that God has a purpose. God  can give us again that youthful leaves that gives life and joy not only to ourselves but also to others. As there is a season for everything, I know that there is also a time for restoration. As the leafless old tree under the scorching heat of the sun patiently wait for heaven’s mercy, so we should patiently wait for God’s mercy. So if we may be at suffering right now, let us learn not to murmur but rather thank God for the circumstances we have. Not in all cases that we may find answer right away, remember that God’s way is prepared like the way of the sun from dawn to noon. Let us patiently wait until we see more clearly God’s answer as the noon day.


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