My Bible Belongs to Someone Else

Have you ever experienced that moment when you wanted to know God but then you did not have a Bible? If yes, then you are not alone. I am “born-SDA” but I had never owned a Bible since birth until I went to college. When I was younger, I was hooked towards watching “animes” and telenovelas, and it had never come into my mind how wonderful are the things revealed in the Bible.  When I went to college, which is far away from home, I felt the need to know more about God and my Savior Jesus Christ because I encountered trials in life that I had never experienced at home.

When I was in college, I met people from other denominations who were very eloquent to defend their beliefs. I was left amazed at them because the only verses that I knew were Exodus 20:8-10 and Leviticus 11:7. My encounter with them had led to arguments with the SDA beliefs like Sabbath day and unclean animals. I know that the law of unclean animals and Sabbath day are still binding today but I did not know other supporting verses to defend it. This had led me to search more about the truths in the Bible. What a high time to have a Bible isn’t? I prayed to God that I may have a Bible. To own a Bible will be a great blessing to me and a great tool for witnessing to my classmates. After Divine Service one Sabbath, I went to the anteroom in our church to greet  friends in Christ. As I was about to leave the room, I found many unclaimed Bibles in a “carton” box. I asked the church custodian if those Bible were lost recently. But he told me that those Bibles were unclaimed more than a year. What a jackpot for me, isn’t? I asked him if I may take one Bible with me. The Bible that I had belongs to someone else.

I was eager to read the Bible that I almost spent an entire night reading. I started reading at the New Testament in the book of Matthew and daily I received fresh revelation from the word of God. One thing that amazes me with the Bible is that it gives me messages of truth that are timely needed. 1 Timothy 3:16 had taught me that the Bible can change me into a better person like Jesus. The person who reads the Bible will become a strong and loving person. If I struggle with my character, the Bible is the best book that will help me to change my life.   I spent my college away from home but God is my heavenly Father who takes care of me daily. Some of us may have problems today and we cannot find any person to run for help. God is speaking to us through the Bible. Surely God will give us His “proven and tested” promises in His word that will cheer and comfort us. He is a person who is eager to listen to our voices when we pray. I am sure that when you pray, God is very happy.

I finished college with my Bible as my helping hand. “That Bible which belongs to someone else” were full of highlights and notes. It was indeed colorful. Some pages were torn apart and I had put scratch tape to keep them stick on the Bible. I loved that Bible because I was already acquainted where to find certain texts. But one sad thing that happened, I lost it at the church one Sabbath. Though it was torn apart and lost, but it was read and kept by someone who is not. Well, that Bible is not mine. I hope that someone will find it again and his life also may be changed by “that Bible which belongs to someone else”.



  1. Amazing, Macki. May God win in His work in the life of the new “steward” of that Bible!

    Hmmmm. I wonder. Could it be that the first owner happened to be in the same church you were in that day, and found joy when he suddenly found his Bible again after so many years?

    1. Naa may picture sa tag-iya te nabilin sa Bible. Girl sya pero wala ko kakita niya sa central church sa dugay nakug simba sa ICSDACC. Nawala pud dayun te after naku graduate sa college didto rapud sa church.

  2. “Surely God will give us His “proven and tested” promises in His word that will cheer and comfort us.”… Amen! Experience the Word!

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