Same story, Different people

8 days left until the final day. And that day will sum-up the training I have throughout the years in my undergraduate. I would like to express my gratitude to God for the thorough training I have been through. Never came into my mind that I would end up as chemistry major. I thank God for His leading in my life. I remember my prayer when I was in chemical engineering that I will not graduate until I  reach the rock bottom of what I am studying. And I praise God that there are detours in my life. I end up as chemistry major with mature understanding of my course. Though I did not graduate with Latin Honors, I leave up that to God. I know that He knows what is better for me though I’ve study hard to obtain it but it did not fall into my favor.

Talking about people’s successes, I’ve love to listen to people stories about their success in life. Their stories have stirred me and motivates me to do better in life. Now, Im about to take the board exam, I have this feeling and hope of expecting an answered prayer. I’m tired of expecting of myself and trying to prove what I can do. I’ve done this before but still don’t work for me. I ended up being discouraged. So what I do now is to do what must to be done and leave the results with God. For one semester and one summer, I’ve found it working. I just leave it in God’s hand.

I always hear stories that there are those who get the top 1 in the board exam are those who struggles in their undergraduate years. They are those who walked in their graduation ceremony without a medal in their neck. I thank God that this will not happen in heaven because when we get there, everyone has a star in their crown. This type of stories made me to ask God I hope it would happen to me. Because when it happens, I have many stories to share and testify. I’ve been telling stories to my fellow students about how to overcome failures and yet I’ve not tell stories of success and victories. This is my request to God that I pray I may ace the board exam and get the top 1 spot. This might be embarrassing to ask God for this temporal thing but you know what, this has been my prayer since when I was undergraduate. There was one story that inspires me why I  ask God  too much. There was an Adventist girl who asked God that God will help her to be the top 2 in the board exam. To cut the long story short, she was able to ace the exam and get the top 2 spot. Then she realized how God is good to her and she repented why ask the top 2 spot when God can give her the top 1 spot. So that’s one reason why we have to ask God for big things because our request  to God shows who He is. It shows our confidence and faith that God is the provider and giver of all good gifts.

There are many stories we can hear how through God’s providence make those men  successful and then useful to society. I’ve meet people who are board topnotchers and indeed I’ve seen their usefulness to this world.

There are stories and parables in the bible that inspires me also. One parable is the parable of a desperate woman who went to the judge to ask his help. The woman tried day by day to ask the judge for help. Knowing that the judge is an atheist, what would we expect from him? Due to the penitent request of the woman, the judge was compelled to help her not because he had mercy on her but because he was tired of the voice and face of the woman. This parable encourages me to continue to ask God for my pending request. If that atheist  had helped the woman how much more is our God who has immeasurable love for us.

Then I may say,  “I’m so sinner and I’m sure I have to do this and that so that God will answer my prayer”. The parable of the prodigal son had help me to know the heart of God. God is the most loving person in the world. He is longing for our response to His affection. Presenting ourselves to Him means so much more to Him. So stop  thinking that God will not answer to our request. He would be happy if we would ask him personally. The next one is the parable of the wages. Remember the story when the master gave the same wages to the hired servants even though the length of labor varies. This story inspires me more because I’ve been to college for six and a half years. Though I’ve got this long I know that I have still my wage. When I saw others received their wages, I know that there is time for me to receive my REWARD! Weeeee! Everyone has given the opportunity to receive a token of appreciation not for self recognition but as token for God of His appreciation of His efforts on working in us.

The last example of my inspiration is the real life illustration of the gentile mother who asked God for helped. She used the illustration of the dog eating the crumbs of the food that fell on the table. This is actually a desperate plea but this shows her heart and her faith that God has and God is love. This story keeps me not to get envy on what others have.  I know that God is a giver of all gifts and there is a perfect time for everything. A time of failures and a time of success! Everyone has potential and everyone is worthy to be encouraged and cheered. Life is more than success.  What matters is the person still has his eyes on Jesus. And through the grace of God can ace everything for the glory of God! Adelante Maki!

Mark this post I will be the top 1 in chemist board exam this year 2018! Not because I did it but with God’s intervention, nothing is impossible!


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