Remember the Golden Rule

Asking something is one of the things in this life I usually do with God. In my prayers, I always ask God of the things that I wanted and hope for to have. This kind of attitude of asking is one of the indication that a person has nothing of himself because if he has it already  then why ask?

Just this morning, someone ask me for help. It is actually about financial matters. In terms of money I  usually have problem on dealing with it not because I’m a spender but on the manner how I used  it to give glory to God. Lending money for someone is one of my struggles in life because I’ve met people who borrowed to me and made vows to pay but until now the debt was not yet paid. Unfortunately,  I’m no greater than  my debtors because I have so many debts also that I was able to pay them for a long time. I praise God for checking my heart today that I may see how will I respond to circumstances like this because this is my opportunity to learn how compassionate and merciful Christ is. Then I’ve seen what’s in my heart. I pray to God that it will be change to be more merciful. This might be an eye opener to me how it feels why my prayers are unanswered because then I now realized how callous my heart is for compassion. I praise God that God’s heart is not like mine. He is merciful and loving.This brings me hope in my request because of who He is. My prayer is that while I pray to God about my longings in life, my heart may also respond to the request of others who needed my help. In this way, I may feel, see and know more about my Savior’s love towards me and also see the joy on the side of others having their request being answered through my help.


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